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Indiana Adams, Adored Austin

Indiana Adams, Adored Austin

      Fashion and decor aficionado Indiana Adams started her blog Adored Austin after relocating in Austin as a college grad from California.  Her line of work as an actress and writter  keeps her heavily invovled with trendy cloths and hip styles which feed her eager appetite for the newest and best fashion and decor in Austin.  With her certain dream of becoming a professional columnist, the  popular Adored Austin blog is already helping pave that road.  With almost 10 posts a week Indiana’s blog is the go to place for all the best fashion, style, decor and Austin event tips in the 512.  Enjoy her while you can Austin, she is on the fashion train to the top.



1) What inspired you to start your own blog?
I first started a personal blog way back in 1999 when I was beta testing Blogger in college. When I moved to Austin and started acting, I started a blog detailing my funny audition stories and tales from set. However, someone pointed out to me that this could be bad for business, so I killed it and started a silly blog with the intention to focus on Austin fashion and affordable style.

2) Many people blog for different reasons. What is your ultimate goal as a blogger?
I hope to use my blog as a catalyst for greater things. I’d love to marry my affinity for shopping with my love for performing and writing. My ultimate goals include parlaying Adored Austin into a fun, weekly news segment and a web series. I would be honored to become a staff contributor or columnist for a local or national publication.

3) How long did you think about it before you started blogging and what was the catalyst for your first post?
I started toying with the idea in the winter of 2008 but didn’t launch until the summer of 2009. There was no grand scheme to the first post. I had just had jaw surgery so I was on an acting hiatus and bored. Yes. I think boredom was the motivating factor for the inaugural post.  

4) What do you hope readers take away from reading your blogs?
My blog is not high journalism nor is it objective commentary. It’s simply one woman’s take on style in her city. I write exactly how I talk to my closest friends, and I don’t shy away from making fun of myself or fashion, in general. I hope that my readers get a true sense of who I really am and how wonderful and eclectic this city is.

5) What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of maintaining a blog? How do you choose to address it?
I currently average ten posts per week, all with original photos and/ or video which means I log an insane amount of hours working on Adored Austin. In the year that I’ve been doing this, I haven’t felt like I’ve run out of things to say, but I do sometimes feel like I don’t have enough hours in the week to get everything done that I want to get done. Luckily, I have an amazing, loyal, vocal group of readers who I truly consider to be friends. The connections I’ve made with people all over the country (and all over the world) truly motivates me to keep striving to make Adored Austin an enjoyable, easy read.

6) What other blogs do you enjoy reading and why?
I have over 200 personal style blogs in my Google reader. Bananas? Yes, but I really enjoy browsing them because I find that women who do these sort of blogs are far more inspiring than the models in fashion spreads in glossy magazines.

Other blogs I quite enjoy: Cute Overload- and Post Secret- Lauren at Hipstercrite wins my vote for funniest, local, personal blog ( She is always a delight!

7) If you could narrow it down to one answer, what do you love the most about Austin? Why?
I love that Austin is a big city with lots to do but still has that small town mentality about it. I moved here on a Wednesday and had help finding a job by Friday. I can’t go to the grocery store or a restaurant without seeing someone I know. My neighbors and church friends loan me things and offer to help with home projects. The people truly make this a wonderful place to live.

8) How has blogging changed your life?
Doing Adored Austin has given me the amazing, humbling blessing of being able to have connections with people all over the world. I personally get over 300 emails every week, ranging from simple things like, “I saw this at the store and thought of you!” to “I’m thinking about moving to Austin, any advice?” I never would have imagined that doing a blog would allow me the opportunity to personally connect with so many people.

9) Are there other blogs/websites do you maintain?
I maintain for my acting and writing work, but it remains static. Aside from my fashion blog Adored Austin, I have a pregnancy blog (that will eventually become a mom blog) as well as an online journal that addresses what I’m thinking through spiritually.

10) Has the city of Austin brought you any local advantages or disadvantages that affect your blog?
I get invited to a fair amount of fashion events which is sweet, and whenever I go out, I usually meet someone who’s like, “Hi! I read your blog!” This is usually a wonderful surprise, but one time I did meet someone that was like, “Hi! I read your blog, and um… didn’t you wear that yesterday?” Haha! Busted!

11)  Do you have a favorite post on your blog.
One thing that I like about my blog and what I think sets me apart from the other women who do what I do is the fact that from the get-go I have incorporated fun, short, video blogs. I’m quite proud (of most) of them:

Two popular entries that I still get emails and comments about are my tirade against Nike shorts ( and the post in which I make fun of the way some ridiculous fashion bloggers dress (

12)  Have you had any interesting reactions from your blog (either on the internet or in real life)
Whenever I meet readers in the wild, they always say, “I promise I’m not a stalker, but I wanted to say hi. I read your blog.” I wonder why everyone thinks that by reading someone’s personal blog, that makes you stalker-esque? I promise that I will only think you’re a stalker if I catch you on my front porch at 2 a.m.

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